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Frelle BUBBLIN/Bubblemate
Microbubble shower




│What is a micro bubble ?│

A micro bubble is a supper fine bubble, 0.05mm in size or smaller.
Water with micro bubbles helps to alleviate skin troubles, such as atopy and pimples. The water also
is effective in promoting skin beauty and recovery from fatigue, and is also effective for sterilization.
Micro bubble water helps users regain their emotional and physical stability by generating anions
and providing warming effects.

│Characteristics and Effects│

This product improves the level of skin moisture and helps people to stay well-moisturized by reducing water evaporation of the skin and providing sufficient water.

  • Excellent skin moisturizing and relief of skin itching
  • Excellent skin cleansing and skin care effect

    As micro bubbles smaller than pores penetrate into skin pores, they smooth the oxygen supply to the skin by cleaning wastes of pores, and make the skin elastic as a result.

  • Generation of anions

    Anions (200,000~300,000 ion/cc) are created on the water's surface by the momentary pulverization of water elements, so people can feel refreshing effects while taking a shower.

  • Sterilization effect

    In the process by which micro bubbles disappear through the self-pressurization effect, free radicals, such as OH, are created and sterilize viruses in the water.

  • Effect of refreshment

    As this product produces more than 100 times the anions generated from forests, users can feel refreshing effects at home.

  • Effect of recovery from fatigue

    Ultrasonic waves created by very weak vibration softly stimulate the entire body, promote muscle relaxation and metabolism and help the body recover quickly from fatigue.

│How to install the product│

  1. Separate your current shower head connected to the water tank from
    the shower hose.
  2. Connect this product (Bubblin) to the separated shower hose.
  3. After connecting Bubblin to the shower hose, open the water tank
    to check the generation of micro bubbles.

※ Check the product for microbubble submerged in the wash or containers please.
※ The warm water temperature (30℃ at least) Please check.

│How to use the product│

This product has a handle to control the amount of micro bubbles according to use conditions (water quality, water pressure, influx). If you want a large amount of micro bubbles, turn the handle in a counter-clockwise direction. If you want a large amount of influx, turn the handle in a clockwise direction, to control the amount of micro bubbles and influx according to the use conditions.


  1. Dropping the product or giving it shock may cause physical injury or damage the product.
  2. Use clean water without foreign substances only. Foreign substances can prevent the micro bubbles from being generated.
  3. If the flux decreases, detach the shower hose from the product and clean the filter.
  4. Don’t install the product where there is a water temperature of 70℃ or higher, where it is exposed to direct sunlight, or where it is close to hotair balloons.
  5. Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or remodel the product yourself.
  6. If water leaks while using the product, it means the product is not sufficiently tightened. Tighten and use only after checking the state of the connecting hose.
  7. In an environment with water pressure of 1.5kgf/cm2 or lower, less micro bubbles will be generated, and you may see poor effects.
  8. Due to the features of the product, the control of water temperature may be difficult, or troubles may occur.

  • There may be some modifications in size to improve the performance of the product.
  • The amount of shower influx and micro bubbles may differ according to the conditions of water quality, water pressure and temperature.
  • While unwrapping the product, you may find remaining moisture. This does not indicate a defect, as the moisture is due to the quality test.

│Product warranty│

  1. This product has passed complete quality management and strict tests by the technical team of Robotous.
  2. Should any problem occur within the term of guarantee as the result of normal use, we will replace the product with a new product.
  3. If there is a problem with the product, please contact the customer center of the A/S center after checking the instruction.
  4. In the following cases, free repair may not be provided, even when the product is under warranty.
    - Careless use or troubles caused by improper repairs and remodeling
    - Troubles caused by failing to observe what is stated in the instruction
  5. You should show the product guarantee when you want repairs or exchanges.
  6. This guarantee is applicable within Korea.
  7. As the guarantee will not be reissued, please keep it well.

※ Exchanges and refunds are made according to the“ Regulations on compensation for consumer losses.”
※ Term of guarantee : 1 year


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